The Swish chair, Redesigned!

Swish is an elegant folding chair designed by Carlo Ratti for Italian furniture company Cassina. But It seems even more beautiful when it is in motion and goes from a flat, folded position to an open one and to seated stance. The wood stool twirls rotate and meet each other elegantly.

Software and Algorithms are used to shape most of today's products from Auto parts & components to daily products and advanced electronic products. But Swish is a new example to use algorithms to shape differently. Ratti uses his "Programmable wood" Technique in which he feeds a series of input in a furniture modeling software. The Swish needs to be comfortable, elegant and fit for the user in every posture So Ratti designed it around a 3D scan of the human body for total comfort design.

All the 27 cherry wood pieces of Swish, interlocks with a series of hinges, each designed with a slightly different shape. So Ratti let algorithms decide the for of each hinge. “That allows you to create shapes and functions that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do,” he says. "When you can control the material in a much more dynamic way, then you can create objects that are quite magical.”

The Swish is still a prototype, but it is noteworthy that despite the fact that shape is determined by algorithms, it does not look like a pure analytical shape of Autodesk's Elbow Chair, which looks skeletal, biological.

With Swish's sleek, sculptural looks, Ratti says he's exploring an aesthetic he calls digital minimal. That was Ratti’s goal: “The idea is to reinvent the folding chair,” he says. He believes that his "Digital Minimal" would be seen at home in a modern apartment and can still be stored in a small space.

Source: Wired




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