Furniture shaped with gravity for melted furniture collection.

14 january, 2019

Nendo, designed studio owned by designeroki sato has designed a collection of melt furniture for a brand called wonderland, in which an U- shaped base is formed effect of gravity on molten glass.

The collection comprises of an armchair, chaise lounge, dining table, side table, partition and vase. All the dozen pieces are formed by gravity over a pipe or mould. The collection features an inverted arched base topped with a glazing, flat pane of glass and backed with large rectngle of glass.

The Nendo's founderwas inspired to create the melt collection after watching thehighly-skilled craftsman and the traditional ways that these artists work with the molten glass in their workshop.

Sato told that these craftsmen were working with the glass,"like a child moulding a piece of clay."

His design philosophy for this melt collection was to make glass the controller of design process, let the glass flow and shape itself freely under the effect of gravity. " In a way, doing less and achieving more is the most complicated thing to do," he said.

To form and shape the molten chair, first molten glass was poured into a square frame and craftsmen evened the glass using iron trowels, and when the glass cooled down it was placed onto a i shaped mould to give the inverted shape.

"I think flat surface glass stretched by the hands of craftsmen is beautiful," said Sato. "I discovered the beauty of glass when I saw that the plate-like glass created a beautiful arch by its own weight, when lifted by a number of craftsmen."

"I wanted to combine those beautiful flat surfaces with curves to design this collection," he continued.

The Melt collection will be presented for the first time at this year's IMM Cologne trade show, which takes place in the German city from 14 till 20 January.





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