Design Trends this Year in Milan Design Week 2019.

Milan Design Week 2019 is starting from today and the design festival will continues till 14 april 2019. Hundreds of designers and brands from around the world will be showing their work, at the Salone del Mobile furniture fair, the Euroluce lighting show and all over the city. Design Editor Amy Frearson predicts the seven big Design trends that are going to emerge this year in the Design Fest.

Here's a a brief look to all the design trends forecast for this year:

Humans win over Robots

As the involvement of robots is increasing in our day to day life, so designers are focusing on human abilities that sets us aside from robots. Students from the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague will present Studiolo Robotico RUR, a performance installation that pits traditional craft against robotic manufacturing. Humanscale, an office furniture brand is working on a project that uses a beam of lights to analyze the way the human body moves, called Body in Motion. Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts will explore different body types, reveal the dangers of designing for a standardized, average figure.

Focus on Circular Economy

Designers and Brands are very serious about sustainability as the UN has warned that we have just 12 years to prevent environmental catastrophe. So rather than simply recycle materials or products companies are focusing on making product life cycle more circular.

At Galleria Rossana Orlandi, Eileen Fisher's Waste No More exhibition will tell the story of the brand's zero-waste initiative, and eight Dutch designers will show the concept of "livable earth" at Ventura Future.

Physical Interaction is encouraged

As digital communication us increasing at a high pace, Many designers are focusing on exploring ways to increase human interaction and experience.

The US-based Rapt studio will create a set of spaces that encourage the strangers to converge, called Tell Me More. Students at Swiss Design School, are working on a project called "Sound and Vision" which focus on how virtual reality can be more social.

Designers opening Bars and Restaurants

Tom Dixon also revealed that he would be opening his restaurants and showrooms "The Manzoni" in Milan, and he is not the only one launching a Venue rather than just an exhibition in this year's Milan Design Week.

Dutch Designer Maarten Baas has also collaborated with furniture brand Lensvelt for transforming their restaurant into a bar called "Bar Baas".

Healthy Homes and Workplaces

The trend for furniture that can increase your health will continue in Milan this year.

Google is working with a team of scientist to create an installation that identifies how different aesthetic experience can impact human biology and well being. The project is called " A space for being" which allows visitors to record their physiological responses to the environment.

Antonio Citterio will be releasing a range of home furniture and equipment for Technogym, While Designer Isle Crawford has teamed up with Swedish bed brand Hastens to design products that can improve sleep.

Use of Green Plants

Plants are used by interior designers from a long time but they are becoming more popular nowadays as people are realizing the health benefits it offers.

The biggest example of this in Milan will be found in the headquarters of fashion brand Jil Sander, where Australian landscape artist Linda Tegg will create a living installation of wild plants, similar to the one she presented in Venice last year.

Also in Dassault System exhibitions, Honda will present "Garden Everywhere", in which they showcase the cityscapes covered with green plants.

Remote Natural living is a new possibility

Remote and off-grid living in the lap of nature, away from the population has become more popular ever. The biggest example of this in Milan will be a Mobile house designed by Italian architect Beatrice Bonzanigo. The design is for a self-sufficient home that can be assembled in any location, in up to 20 different layouts.

Source: Dezeen




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