Bryte's adjustable smart Bed for a perfect sleep.

A new smart Robotic Bed designed by Tech startup Bryte can automatically adjust the temperature and change support for different body parts for a sound sleep. It is

Tech startup Bryte has designed a robotic bed that can automatically adjust the temperature, customize support for different parts of the body and even rocks a person to sleep.

This Bed controls the temperature with the help of a highly sensitive thermostat that continuously measures sleeper's body temperature and adjusts accordingly. For adjusting the supports the Bed is designed with 100 active coils arranged in 8 zones for one or two people. Due to pneumatics, all the changes in supports are noiseless and smooth.

Bryte's consulting sleep-scientist, Matt Walker, points to research that shows that dropping a person's core body temperature by one to two degrees Celsius during the first two cycles of sleep can increase their deep sleep by up to 40 percent. Now a person will not wake up with a need of an extra blanket.

"Every person sleeps differently, and every person's sleep is different night after night," said Bryte co-founder and CEO John Tompane. "The idea that a static mattress would work for every person, every night, is unreasonable."

In this Bed, the user can also customize the support for different parts of the body as different body parts need a different level of comfort and support. The sleeper can also be lulled to sleep by activating a subtle wave in the smart coils.

Users can connect the Bryte Bed to other products for connected home and can set lighting color, Thermostat temperature and Bedtime or Morning Routine.

The Bryte Bed comes in queen, king, and California king sizes, and can be used with existing bed frames or stand alone with its own base.





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